10 Facts About Purple Speedy’s Sister, Tiwa Pever Anpee : Boyfriend, Education, Age, etc

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Tiwa Pever Anpee known as Tiwa is a Nigerian Tiktoker and content creator and sister to popular Titok star, Purple Speedy. She is very strategic about her brand making her share only a few things with her followers focusing on creating and sharing dance content. With over 3 million followers on Tiktok, Tiwa is growing into a star creator and many want to know about her personal life.

Well, Here are ten fascinating facts about Tiwa.

 1.1 Name Tiwa’s full name is Tiwa Pever Anpee. 

 1.2 Relationship Status

Tiwa is currently single, debunking rumors of a romantic involvement with fellow TikTok dancer, CDY Voltage, during an Instagram Q&A session on July 27, 2023, she said she and CDY are just friends who enjoy creating content together. Meanwhile, during her last birthday celebration, they did the trendy I’m not the celebrant video and CDY Voltage the last person before her and he describes himself as the closest person to the celebrant which was Tiwa. This further confirms that they are close friends and nothing more asisd creating content together.

 1.3 Family Background As the third sibling in a family of four, Tiwa is the younger sister of the renowned Purple Speedy. 

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 1.4 State of Origin

Tiwa is from Benue State, from the Tiv tribe. 

1.5 Age At 19 years old, Tiwa exudes talent and vibrancy beyond her years. 

1.6 Culinary Preferences Tiwa’s favorite meal is spaghetti, revealing her fondness for junk food. 

1.7 Childhood Dreams

She Originally aspired to be an architect, Tiwa pivoted her career path to become a dancer, influencer, and TikToker.  Dancing was not with she wanted but seeing her sister Excel as a dancer, she was motivated to join her, and today she is doing well.

 1.8 Favorite Color Palette: In contrast to her sister, Purple Speedy, who loves every Purple, Tiwa doesn’t have a favorite color.  She wears anything she is comfortable with and often dresses for the occasion.

 1.9 Birthday Celebrate Tiwa’s birthday on November 25th.  See photos from her last birthday below .

1.10 Fashion Choices Tiwa’s go-to outfit is anything featuring a crop top and trousers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

 2.1 What is Tiwa’s Real Name? Tiwa’s real name is Faith Love Pever, known popularly as Tiwa Pever. 

 2.2 Relationship Status Tiwa is currently single, clarifying misconceptions about her alleged relationship with CDY Voltage. 

2.3 Sibling Dynamics Tiwa is Purple Speedy’s younger sister, not a twin, and is the third in a family of four. 

 2.4 Tribal Roots Tiwa’s tribe is Tiv, hailing from Benue State. 

 2.5 Age As of now, Tiwa is 20 years old. ### 2.6 Culinary Preferences Spaghetti tops Tiwa’s list of favorite meals, revealing her inclination towards junk food. 

2.7 Occupation Transitioning from an architectural dream, Tiwa has become a dancer, influencer, and TikToker. 

2.8 Color Preferences Unlike her sister, Tiwa does not have a favorite color. 

2.9 Birthday Celebrate Tiwa’s birthday on November 25th. 

2.10 Fashion Choices Tiwa’s fashion taste leans towards crop tops and trousers. 

2.11 Identity on TikTok Iam Tiwa, or Faith Love Pever, captivates audiences with her dance moves and authentic content. 

  2.12 Siblings Purple Speedy has two known siblings: Glory Pever and Faith Love Pever (Tiwa). 

2.13 Phone and WhatsApp Numbers Tiwa and Purple Speedy have separate phone and WhatsApp numbers. 

 2.14 Virginity Status No information is currently available about Tiwa’s virginity status. 

 2.15 Purple Speedy’s Brother As of now, there is no confirmation about Purple Speedy having a biological brother. 

2.16 Pictures Visuals of Tiwa can be found on her TikTok account. 

 2.17 Family and Wedding Pictures No wedding pictures exist for Purple Speedy and Tiwa, and they are not married. A family picture featuring Purple Speedy, Tiwa, and their mother is available. 

 2.18 I Am Tiwa’s Boyfriend Tiwa claims to be single, and her boyfriend’s identity remains undisclosed.  2.19 Tribe Tiwa is of Tiv descent from Gboko in Benue State, Nigeria. 

 2.20 Mother Purple Speedy and Tiwa’s mother is Mrs. Ishughun Pever, an active presence on Facebook.

 3. Conclusion As the journey of Faith Love Pever, popularly known as Tiwa, unfolds, the world eagerly watches this talented individual’s ascent to stardom. Stay tuned for more captivating content and expressive performances on TikTok.

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