10 Lessons From Nas Daily and Alyne’s Breakup

Nas Daily and Alynes Breakup

I watched Nas Daily and Alyne’s breakup video; I like the efforts put into making the video. It also highlights some takes I have about relationships. 

1. Define a relationship before you go into one; don’t jump into a relationship and intend to define it along the way. It never ends well. 

2. Every strong relationship is defined by values alignment/agreement. Make sure your values align. It is important because, in life, people change. If your values align, at least these mandatory changes will be within the values you both align with. I felt it when Nas said: we couldn’t agree on many fundamental things. 

3. Everyone has two primary kinds of needs in relationships: generic needs and specific needs. Relationships thrive when you both understand and work on satisfying these needs, especially the specific ones. 

4. Don’t assume you know what your partner always wants; sometimes, ask how they want to be loved. Ask.

5. A good relationship thrives in the small things. Little things make the biggest difference. Listen where Nas said they couldn’t agree on most basic things in relationships. 

6. No one can make you happy, except you. Be happy because you are happy. Never ALWAYS outsource your happiness to your spouse. It’s a hard task. Few people can deal with it. 

7. When your partner is insanely passionate about building something big, try to passionately cheer them up, help them or look for something to build yourself with. Get busy. Don’t consume yourself with your partner’s presence. Create your distraction. 

8. All you see on social media are the beautiful parts of relationships people want you to see. A lot of ugly scenes are happening the outside the camera. 

9. Create your own relationship model. Also, learn to manage your expectations. Like you, your partner is human. 

10. Stop shouting “God when?” or “I tap.” You don’t know what you are tapping. 

P/S: When I watched the part where she said she had just gotten out of a divorce and was travelling around the world when they met, I knew the relationship was a mistake. She hadn’t healed from her previous divorce before entering another relationship with Nas. Big Mistake. 

Novelty is a big deal in a new relationship. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sustain relationships. Nas and Alyne were high on novelty when they visited Nas’ family and spent 4 days on a date that was supposed to be for a day. It was on the strength of novelty that the relationship began. 

In all, I am happy for them because they will remain friends, and maybe, build something together in the future.

Written by Richard Chilee

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