Bishop T.D. Jakes Pays Tribute to Bishop Carlton Pearson, Shares Final Conversation, and Offers Condolences to Family

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Bishop T D Jakes has joined the world and the Christian community in mourning Bishop Carlton Pearson who passed on at 70 after battling cancer.

Reacting to the sad news, Bishop T D Jakes took to his Facebook to share his last chat with late Bishop Carlton Pearson sending a condolence message to his family, his congregation and the Christian community. Bishop T D Jakes wrote:

“Bishop Carlton Pearson has been relieved of his suffering. His melodious voice and many sermons were for many years, a source of inspiration on TBN and elsewhere. I grew up watching him on television when I was preaching in a storefront church in West Virginia.

I spoke with him a few short months ago upon hearing of his suffering. Even then, he was kind and jovial as possible. Though his voice was weaker, it was still radiant and resolute. After connecting him with my own personal physician and discussing treatment options, I continued to pray for his recovery. The last time I was in the room with him was during the final Woman, Thou Art Loosed conference. Last year, in front of over 20,000, mostly women, I spoke publicly about how Woman, Thou Art Loosed was lifted to its long tenure of prominence because Bishop Pearson invited me to speak at Azusa during a day-session hosted by his late mother. Only later, was I told Bishop Pearson was in the building shedding tears with all of us as I handed the mantle of this event, to one of my daughters, @sarahjakesroberts.

I recognize that it is God, who has always ordered our steps and designed our way and I thank Him for using Bishop Pearson’s graciousness to help present my ministry to an audience I never would have otherwise met. I can’t help but reflect on the significance of the role he played in my life! If he had not extended his platform, there might not have been such a robust tenure of the Woman, Thou Art Loosed message. I will forever be grateful for his discernment at that time when he was so prominent, and I was unknown. I know you all have often heard me tell this story, and others that preceded my experience on Christian television.

You can only imagine my nostalgia and sadness as I heard of his departure. As life often allows, we both followed different paths. Yet, I will forever be grateful that our paths crossed!

To his family and especially his children, please know you are in our prayers. None of us know what the future holds; but we know God holds the future. May God help us all as we continue this journey together looking towards a better place! Thank you Lord for this Bishop who left an indelible impression on the lives of so many. I’m truly saddened by his death! All roses have their thorns. But you oh God, pick them as you please!

So long Bishop, rest in peace! You will never be forgotten!”

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