Blessing CEO Biography: Education, Ex- Husband, Children, Boyfriend, Net Worth

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Early Life and Career in Relationship Counseling

Blessing Okoro Nkiruka, also known as Blessing CEO, describes herself as Africa’s certified relationship and mental expert, the Queen of clout, and an intellectual entertainer, according to her Instagram bio and public profile. Blessing CEO is renowned for offering advice on relationships, dating, sex, and divorce. With over 1 million followers on Facebook and more than 600k on Instagram, she has become a trusted voice for thousands of women in the realm of social media counseling.


Which school did Blessing CEO attend? For primary education, Blessing CEO attended Moven Nursery and Primary School in Lagos. She went on to Federal Government College, Okposi, Ebonyi State, for her secondary education. Blessing CEO holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Calabar, Cross River State. While she is a certified relationship and mental expert, the institutions that certified her are unknown.

Blessing CEO’s Social Media Drama and Rise to Fame

Blessing CEO’s life has been marked by controversies and scandals. She openly acknowledges using scandals as a strategy to stay relevant in the social media sphere. From living a fabricated life online to falsely claiming ownership of someone else’s house, leading to her brief police custody, and engaging in conflicts with various personalities, her online presence is rife with drama.

In 2019, Blessing CEO was arrested for falsely claiming ownership of a house, settling the matter out of court with a public apology. On March 30, 2023, she faced six counts of alleged cyber-bullying, libel, and sharing uncensored movies. After three weeks in detention, she was granted bail. In November 2023, she apologized to Davido after claiming he owed money to many people.

Blessing CEO’s Liposuction

In June 2022, Blessing CEO underwent body enhancement surgery (liposuction and BBL) in Lekki, Lagos State, praising the doctor for a job well done and sharing before-and-after photos of her body.

Activism and Feuds

Explore Blessing CEO’s engagement with activist Very Dark Black Man and their subsequent public feud. Witness her advocacy for women’s defense and personal growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blessing CEO

  • Blessing CEO arrested video: Yes, she was arrested in 2019 for falsely claiming ownership of a house.
  • Blessing CEO boyfriend: Information on her current boyfriend is not publicly known.
  • Blessing CEO marriage: She got married at 18 but filed for divorce due to abuse; she is currently single.
  • Pictures of Blessing CEO: Find them on her social media accounts.
  • Blessing CEO phone number: I can’t provide personal contact information.
  • Blessing CEO latest news: For updates, visit

Blessing CEO’s Feud with Very Dark Black Man

Activist Very Dark Black Man has been vocal on trendy issues in Nigeria. When he questioned late Mohbad’s wife, Blessing CEO urged him to stop attacking women and advised him to focus on personal improvement. Their exchange led to a series of attacks.

Blessing CEO’s Age

Blessing CEO is 34, born on May 23, 1989.

Blessing CEO’s Ex-Husband, Boyfriend, and Relationships

Blessing started her love life at 14, losing her virginity at 15 to a man named Lucky, who later married her at 18. The marriage lasted two years due to constant abuse. She divorced her husband, citing domestic violence, enduring physical abuse from the wedding day and running for her life two weeks later.

Blessing CEO’s Children

Blessing CEO and her ex-husband had two sons, Darel Lucky Okoh and Bryan Dgreat, whom she has been taking care of since their marriage ended.

Blessing CEO’s Boyfriend and Current Relationship

Blessing CEO frequently posts about her romantic outings, but as of May 2023, she confirmed a relationship with auto dealer Ikechukwu Ogbonna, known as IVD. However, controversy arose when she seemed to use the relationship for clout, causing public backlash after a fight.

Blessing CEO’s NET WORTH, Financial Success, and Lifestyle

With a 2022 net worth ranging between $650,000 and $1.5 million, Blessing CEO stands out as one of Nigeria’s top social media influencers. Her opulent lifestyle, captured in photos and videos, reflects her success. Rooted in collaborations with companies and active social media participation, Blessing ‘CEO’ Okoro has crafted a brand that resonates widely, extending her influence beyond conventional boundaries.

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