Francis Van-Lare Biography: Education, Wives, Companies, Net Worth, State Of Origin, 70th Birthday Celebration

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Francis Van-Lare: A Life Filled with Travel, Business, and Relationships

Francis Van-Lare is a Nigerian-American entrepreneur, logistics expert, travel enthusiast, app developer, and internet sensation. Born in Anambra State in 1970, his life has been filled with diverse experiences and intriguing narratives.

Education and Early Career:

Francis Van-Lare started his journey in Nigeria, with his primary education at Freeman High School in Surulere, Lagos. He then pursued higher education in the United States, attending Baruch College and CUNY, Brooklyn.

Career And Business

Francis Van-Lare’s career path began in the sky, as a flight attendant in Nigeria. In 1977, he moved to the United States. As an Igbo man, his entrepreneurial spirit soon blossomed, leading him to found Speedpack, a successful logistics and shipping company with branches across the US, UK, and Nigeria.

A Life of Travel:

Francis’s passion for travel extends far beyond his professional endeavors. He has visited many countries around the world. He traveled around to celebrate his 70th birthday in  Poland, Turkey, Nigeria, Iceland, Oman, Qatar, and Malta.

Five Marriages and why he divorced his five wives 

Francis Van-Lare has been married five times, each marriage ending in divorce. He has openly discussed the reason behind these failed relationships, attributing them to his “I can always catch another ‘Uber'” mindset – a lack of tolerance and patience that stemmed from the belief that he could easily find another partner.

  • He Married Amara Nwosu in 2014 and separated in 2017 after two years and some months.
  • Five marriages, all ending in divorce.
  • Then he Married Abuja-based Calabar-Tanzanian Architect in 2018, the marriage ended just after seven months.

Internet Sensation:

Francis Van-Lare’s name became the talk of the town on the internet buzz when he released the names of 219 women he had slept with since 1970 on his 70th birthday. This bold move sparked widespread discussion and fueled his rise as an internet sensation.

How He started

Career Francis Van-Lare started his career as a flight attendant in Nigeria before moving to the US in 1977. In one of his posts, he mentioned that in 1974 he was working as one of the crew members for he head of state , General Yakubi Gowon and in that year he was sent along with the team to Angola as part of the secret delegation to Luanda to meet with one of the Nigeria was supporting at the time .

Birthday Celebration with a Twist:

He plans to give away N70, 000 each to 10 of his faithful Facebook followers. In addition to this generous act, he will be sharing his life story and a list of women he has been intimate with since 1970.

Motivation Behind the Unusual Celebration:

In his announcement, Francis explains that his 70th birthday, on December 7th, will not be about receiving gifts, but rather giving back. He will select 10 of his dedicated Facebook followers who have been actively engaging with his posts,regardless of the content’s nature. The only requirement is that they cannot be past recipients of his generosity.

Vacation and Business Plans:

Celebrating his 70th birthday , Francis plans to spend the rest of 2023 on vacation in Turkey, Malta,Morocco, and an East or South African country. Upon returning to Nigeria, he intends to reinvigorate his business ventures and create job opportunities as part of his “Renewed Hope for Nigeria” initiative.

Names of Women He has Slept with 

In a separate post, the 70 year old Francis  announced that he will be compiling and publishing a list of all the women he has been intimate with since 1970. He begins with the first woman, Felicia, and shares their story. He invites any woman who has been with him to provide their data and photo to be included on the list. He assures them that if their encounter was particularly memorable, he will share the details as well.

This unusual birthday celebration promises to be a mix of generosity, introspection, and personal revelation. Whether celebrating his health, engaging with his followers, or sharing his intimate history, the man’s actions are sure to spark conversation and raise eyebrows.

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