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Yesterday I strolled to the page of my late role model in this online biz, The Six Figure Chick.

Before she died, I and Chioma used to follow her back to back. There’s nothing that she posts that we don’t read, even if she sneezes online we know, cos we were always sleeping on her page. 

We studied her day and night, we studied her marketing activities, her sales process, her product launch strategy, etc. 

She started out with selling an ebook that teaches people “how to make juices”, my God, she sold out and packed lots of sales online. 

One time she launched a $1 offer, and over 11,000 people bought from her. Shebi you see the way I get my numbers, someone truly inspired it. 

It was TheSixFigureChick that inspired me and Chioma back in those days. Her numbers will baptise you with pressure to wake up. 

Making $1million dollars for TheSixFigureChick wasn’t a big deal, she had an excellent sales process she uses to pack millions online. 

She was the one that showed me and Chioma the magic of selling low ticket offers.

When she died, her younger brother sent us a note about $1 (low ticket) offers. 

The note read: 

What I love about the $1 strategy. 

1. It’s an ice breaker.

Some people may not know you yet or you’ve not fully won them over yet, so to most people $1 is not a huge risk to try your products. 

2. It creates a different type of buyer.

Free content can grow your audience or list, but it can also attract a lot of freebie seekers that never intend to buy. $1 is a small shift that makes the difference. 

3. It is a free cleaning system.

When you start monetizing your knowledge for the first time, you’ll have a lot of people who unfollow or unsubscribe, but the good thing is, it will clean off those who would never be customers in the future. 

Note: Your customers aren’t those that like your posts, your customers are those that BUY from you. 

4. Easy Upsell


If 100 people buy your $1 offer you will make $100.

If you upsell an offer of $19 to this 100 people and 25 buys you will make $475.

So, $100 + $475 = $575 in total volume of sales. 

Kai, I love the number four.

In February this year, I sold my visibility webinar for 2500 and over 8500 people bought from me. 

I upsold my DSI program for 250k and 500k respectively and over 500 people bought it. 

Do the maths and see how upselling made the difference.

I didn’t do so much marketing for the high ticket program, I basically sold to the people who had already bought from me. 

Isn’t this amazing?

Don’t mind people who say low ticket offers are for broke people oo.

It’s a fantastic strategy to help you increase your sales, grow a buying audience, and help you live your dream life. 

If I can share this for FREE, just imagine how my 30 Days Challenge will be like. 

~ Nelly Agbogu

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