How Purple Speedy Surprised Crispdal On His Birthday With 26 Shoes, Playstation 5, iPhone 15, ETC. See Videos And Photos 

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Purple Speedy gifted her boyfriend and husband-to-be, Crispdal 26 Pairs of Sneakers, a Playstation 5, iPhone 15 pro max and many gifts on his birthday

Chinye Elijah popularly known as Crispdal turned 26 on November 18, 2023. Being one the most popular Nigerian dancers and TikTok content creator, he was highly celebrated by friends and industry colleagues. 

His photos were everywhere on social media. He also had a birthday party that was strictly by invitation. Meanwhile, photos from the birthday party show some of the popular celebrities who attended the party. Among them were Soft Made It, his girlfriend, Pupple Speedy, Beauty Goddess and many others. 

 Going by the videos shared only from the birthday party, we can tell that it was fun with music, dance, lots of food, drinks and gifts for the celebrant. 

However, the high point of Crispdal birthday party was the gifts he received from his girlfriend and wife to be, Purple Speedy. 

 Peace giftd Crispdal 26 pairs of sneakers, Playstation 5, Meta Guest 2, and iphone 15 pro-Max and many other gifts they didn’t open for the public. Crispdal also had a big money cake and a normal birthday cake. 

This gifts by Purple Speedy made news online with many saying she couldn’t afford to buy 26 shoes to celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday that the shoes are either fake or she just rented them for photos are videos to chase clout. 

Responding to once of those comments on Instagram, someone asked, “if the shoes are not real, is the Iphone and PlayStation 5 also fake? 

Well, someone replied and said they can’t be.

If you ask us, Purple Speedy is one of the highest paid influencers in Nigeria and she has enough money to buy even more for a man she loves. Also, recall that Crispdal got her an Iphone 15 on her birthday. This is just lovers going all out to make their partners feel love as they celebrate them on their special day. 

We love it.

Meanwhile, see photos and video from Crispdal 26th birthday below.

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