Making Money On Social Media: The Business Models And Value Creation

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The Social Media Business Model And Value Creation 

I personally think that social media has produced many millionaires who create no value. This is bad omen.

Typically wealth used to be a reward for creating value. You create value and people give their money in exchange. Sadly, social media has changed this.

The business model of social media “content creator” is filled with young millionaires who create zero value to the world, but instead make people dumber in most cases.

I saw a YouTube video of a young girl who makes roughly between $2,000 – $3,000 per day by mimicking cartoon characters on Tiktok. She makes money through gifts by being a human cartoon on Tiktok, if that makes sense.

What value is she creating? I see none.

The richest Tiktoker (Charlie) is a young lady who became famous for following popular dance trends. She is worth $20M.

We all know the most popular black guy and 4th riches Tiktoker, Lame. He literally acts deaf and dumb on Tiktok and then mimics stupid things people do. He is worth $15M. 

None of these folks creates any thing of value other than stealing people’s attention doing dumb things.

That’s why I said that they don’t have a real job or business because they aren’t creating real value for money. 

And that’s only possible because of the culture that social media now permits. You can literally just do stupid things, make people stupider and become extremely rich.

Like someone asked, why would anyone want to quit doing stupid things that earn them a minimum of $2k per day and get a real skill? Why?

Because of the Culture of Social Media, stupid people are becoming rich doing stupid things. 

Imagine a young girl making millions in months acting like a cartoon character and even moaning as a cartoon character. That’s where we are.

There are implications for this in the future.

It will be difficult to convince the next generation to study math, sciences, law, medicine, engineering etc; skills that actually create value. Everyone will want to become a social media content creator instead, fooling around.

I mean, why would any young guy or girl say no to $2k per day for a degree or skill in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) or Law? 

The only way to promote these endangered skills such as STEM skills or Legal skills etc (because they will soon start to die) is to make them competitive in terms of income; otherwise in less than a decade you will not find any high school leaver who wishes to acquire these important skills because they can just twerk or act stupid on social media and make millions. 

God help the future.

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