Mike Todd Explains Why He Wore A Bishop Shirt To Late Bishop Carton Pearson’s Funeral

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The church folks are at it again I see. Was Pastor Mike Michael Todd wrong for wearing this shirt, in memory of Bishop Carlton Pearson, considering he’s not a BISHOP? The online chatter is very loud in that Mike Todd is no Bishop, and wearing the shirt is not protocol. But according to some online haters, Bishop Pearson told him “Wear SOMETHING.” And he did😒Do you say no to a dying man’s wishes?

One of the pastors that spoke against his dressing to Bishop Carlton Pearson’s funeral is Pastor Ad Shaw  of the Shekinah Glory Cathedral.  Ad Shaw believes that holy uniforms are not for fashion statements so it’s wrong for Pastor Mike Todd to dress like a Bishop at late Bishop Carton Pearson’s funeral also considering that he is not a Bishop. He went further to say that all conform must to protocols, standards and guidelines to protect the sanctity of the institution we subscribe to called the church.

Here is his full post as seen on his Facebook page. 

“My thoughts! I AM IRRITATED!! Why do we as an African American clergy need to make a mockery of the church and the vestments and attire that we wear! This is the church militant!!! 

Therefore, in the army, no one is allowed or sanctioned to wear a uniform that is above their perspective rank! Neither does any officer have the liberty to adjust, change or alter the uniform given to them. Our Holy Uniform is not to be worn for fashion purposes or to fit a personal style or individual taste!   I do not care if you have a large church or small, we must all conform to protocols, standards and guidelines to protect the sanctity of the institution we subscribe to called the church. 

Now if you are the more “laid back,” or “urban” style pastor that does not subscribe to liturgical, clerical traditions or practices, that is totally acceptable, then DO NOT WEAR VESTMENTS OF ANY KIND!! But if you are going to wear them at appropriate occasions, then, by all means, dress accordingly and follow the rules and guidelines! 

 THIS IS NOT APPROPRIATE!!!! If you are not a consecrated episcopate, do not wear it! Dress according to your rank and office! If you do, then wear it without a brooch, pocket square and flashy jewelry! It’s a uniform not a fashion statement! The problem is it’s too accessible! 

Any one can purchase it! A lot of this would be eradicated if there were fewer suppliers and verification of credentials before purchase Ugh 😤😡 ADS+ #ADSHAW” 

Ad Shaw is not the only one who thinks The Transformation Pastor’s shirt to Bishop Carlton Pearson Episcopal Celebration of Life was wrong. Others have also shared their views. Meanwhile, here is what Mike Todd has to say about his shirt he wore to his childhood pastor’s funeral. 

He said the shirt was worn and given to him by the late Bishop. He also said that Bishop Carlton asked him to wear something of his to his funeral. Read the full post below : “I know to you this may just be a shirt… but this shirt was worn and given to me by Carlton D. Pearson It also may just seem like ordinary material, but as I stood leading his celebration of life, with people young and old from all over the worlds honoring enormous contribution to their faith…it felt more like a mantle I am not a bishop and really don’t ever want to be…lol – but my childhood pastor told me I had to wear something of his when I did his funeral… so I did it 🥹 I’ll be processing for weeks what God has allowed me to be born into, apart of and now leading…all I can currently gather is that I’m grateful to be part of his legacy . CDP…I hope we did ok. Love you forever! “

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