Pastor Mike Todd’s Tribute To Late Bishop Carlton Pearson, Last Moments with Him In The Hospital, Plans By The Transformation Chruch

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Pastor Mike Todd Tribute To Late Bishop Carlton Pearson, Last Moments with Him In The Hospital, Celebration By The Transformation Chruch

Bishop Carlton Pearson died on November 19 in Tulsa, Oklahoma after battling  with cancer at 70. 

He was one of the most popular preachers in America and his death put the entire Christian community in the US in mourning. 

So many people have shared their experiences with the late Bishop including Bishop T D Jakes who posted his condolence message on his social media platforms. 

 Also, Pastor Mike Todd who is the senior pastor of The Celebration Church and Bishop Carlton’s spiritual son has taken to his Instagram page to share the last moments he and his wife had with the late Bishop. This includes video and photos and of him in his hospital bed.

His message reads” Last night at 10:42pm my childhood Pastor Carlton D’Metrius Pearson transitioned into eternity. What a privilege to have learned from your faith and failures up close… I will always honor the blessing you were to @mrs.natalietodd and I…as well as the enormous contributions you made to move the entire body of Christ forward in so many ways! Though our theological beliefs were not always the same…your extreme belief in me never changed. Thank you for using some of your last breaths to encourage me. (slide 2 ⬆️) Majeste, Julian and Gina: I know you have unfortunately seen the very ugly, hateful, and hurtful side of the “THE CHURCH”in past seasons… but I just want to let you know 

@wearetransformation is here to love you through this season and #REPRESENT what a church is supposed to do in the midst of adversity. I Love You 🧡 We Love You 🤎

A Beacon of Unconditional Love: Pastor Mike Todd’s Tribute to Bishop Carlton Pearson

On the somber occasion of Bishop Carlton Pearson’s passing, Pastor Mike Todd of Transformation Church delivered a moving tribute that captured the essence of the late spiritual leader’s life and legacy. Pearson, a pioneer in the gospel movement, was known for his unwavering belief in God’s unconditional love and his bold challenge to traditional interpretations of hell.

Todd, a close confidant of Pearson, recounted their final moments together in the hospital, where Pearson, despite his deteriorating health, remained a beacon of positivity and faith. Todd recalled Pearson’s infectious laughter, his unwavering spirit, and his unwavering belief in God’s boundless love.

“Carlton was a warrior for the love of God,” Todd declared, his voice resonating with admiration and respect. “He dared to challenge the status quo and proclaim that God’s love is not based on our actions or merits but is an inherent gift bestowed upon us all.”

Todd’s tribute was not merely a eulogy; it was a celebration of Pearson’s life, a testament to his courage, and a reminder of the transformative power of unconditional love. He recalled Pearson’s early days as a Pentecostal pastor, his groundbreaking message of God’s inclusive love, and his unwavering commitment to social justice.

“Carlton was not afraid to stand up for what he believed in,” Todd asserted, his tone filled with admiration. “He challenged the church’s teachings on hell, not out of disrespect, but out of a deep belief in God’s compassion and mercy.”

Pearson’s message of unconditional love resonated with people from all walks of life, transcending religious and cultural boundaries. His ministry attracted millions of followers, and his impact extended far beyond the walls of the church.

“Carlton’s legacy is not just about his words,” Todd emphasized, his voice filled with emotion. “It’s about the lives he touched, the hearts he healed, and the hope he instilled in those who felt lost and alone.”

The Transformation Church, a spiritual progeny of Pearson’s Higher Dimensions Church, held a special service to honor Pearson’s memory. The atmosphere was filled with a mix of sadness and gratitude, as congregants paid their respects to a man who had touched their lives in profound ways.

Todd’s tribute concluded with a call to action, urging the congregation to embody Pearson’s teachings and spread the message of unconditional love. “Let Carlton’s legacy live on in our actions,” he implored, his voice echoing through the sanctuary. “Let us love one another as God loves us, without judgment or condition.”

As the congregation erupted in applause, a wave of love and gratitude washed over the church. Bishop Carlton Pearson’s legacy, embodied in Pastor Mike Todd’s tribute, served as a beacon of hope, reminding everyone of the transformative power of unconditional love.

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