Prinx Emmanuel Biography: Education, State Of Origin, Songs, Family, Church, Girlfriend

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Prince Emmanuel, popularly known as Prinx Emmanuel, is a rising star in the Nigerian music scene that changing the face of gospel music in Africa with new style of music and sounds that connect both the Gen x baddies and the older folk. He is a Gospel singer,songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and sound engineer who has quickly gained popularity for his unique blend of Gospel, High-life, Soul, Reggae, and Rap music.

Early Life and Education:

Prinx Emmanuel is from Abia State, Nigeria, but currently lives in Port Harcourt from where he travels around the world with his band for ministration . 


He attended Community Secondary School,Abuloma, before pursuing a degree in Marketing at the University of Port Harcourt, and graduated in April 2021.

Family, Girlfriend and Relationships:


Prinx Emmanuel was born into a family of six. While we don’t have much details about his parents and other family members , we know that his brother, Richiee Emmanuel, is a popular dancer. They started their entertainment careers together and both have established themselves as successful music artists and dancer respectively. We also know that his mom is alive and she lives also in Port Harcourt.


Prinx Emmanuel has a close relationship with his brother, Richiee. They support each other’s careers and often collaborate on creative projects. Richiee’s success as a dancer undoubtedly inspires Prinx and vice versa.


At the moment , there is no public information about who Prinx Emmanuel is dating because he maintains a private life and he yet shared details about his personal relationships on social media or interviews. This allows him to focus on his music career and avoid unnecessary speculation. However, we can confirm that he has a girlfriend but they are not engaged yet.

Future Prospects:

As Prinx’s fame grows, it’s likely that more information about his family and personal life will become public. However, it remains his choice to reveal details he deems appropriate. Regardless of his relationship status, his dedication to music and positive influence remain at the forefront of his public image.

Music Career:

Prinx’s passion for music began at a young age. He learned to play various instruments and developed his skills as a producer and sound engineer. In 2016, he released his first single, “Brother Nwachukwu,” marking the beginning of his musical journey.

Musical Style and Influence:

Prinx’s music is known for its energetic and vibrant style, often described as “electrifying.” He blends various genres,creating a unique sound that resonates with young audiences. His music is infused with gospel themes and messages of hope and inspiration.

Rise to Fame:

Prinx’s breakthrough came in 2022 with the release of the song “Kumama Papa (TikTok Refix)” featuring Grace Lokwa.The song went viral and garnered him widespread recognition. Since then, he has released several hit singles, including “Away,” “Bigger (Odogwu),” and “Confidence.”

Before this time, we signed to Mirus Empire, a record label in Port Harcourt. The label didn’t do much for him . He started getting much attention when he started performing at events life Gospel Gang Party and from there more people noticed him and engaged to produce their songs and also featured him and that was how he name became know as producer and rapper. As a producer , he is known as Koretk Sound.

Record Label and Upcoming Projects:

Prinx is the CEO and founder of Corekt Sound Music Group, his independent record label. He is currently working on new music and preparing for his upcoming performance at The Experience Lagos 2023, one of the largest Christian music festivals in Africa.


  • Prinx is also a skilled dancer, having started his entertainment career alongside his brother, Richiee Emmanuel.
  • He has gained a significant following across social media platforms, with over 273,000 followers on Facebook and 89,000 followers on Instagram.
  • He has performed at various platforms, including Salvation Ministries, Pastor Lanre with Bidemi Olaoba, and The Elixir Band, and is likely to perform at many more prestigious events in the future.

Prinx Emmanuel is a talented and dedicated musician who is making his mark on the Nigerian music scene. With his unique musical style and positive influence, he is poised for continued success and inspiration for generations to come.

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