Sam Collier and Toni Collier Divorce: The Reasons For Their Divorce , Children, Church And More

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Sam Collier is the Senior Pastor of Story Church Atlanta and the CEO of Story Records , Capitol CMG , Rethink Label, and Best-Selling Author

Sam Collier was once one of the teaching pastors at North Point Community Church in Atlanta, is now the Lead Pastor of Story Church Atlanta .

He announced their divorce today December 1, 2023
and issued an apology to his wife who first break took the divorce news public and accused him of infidelity.

Toni did not just announce that she is leaving Sam, she gave her reasons . She wrote “After years of discovering and enduring repeated acts of infidelity, l’ve chosen to end my marriage with Sam.”
“Despite seasons of hope, attempts at reconciliation, and counseling, after recently discovering more infidelity, I realized this wasn’t a sustainable or God-honoring marriage anymore,”

Toni further said . “I’m at a point where I have to say ‘no more.’”

“I’m taking time off the stage and social media to focus on healing with my kids. I have no desire to hurt Sam, but do want to vigorously protect my heart and my children,” she added. “Thanks for giving us privacy to do that, and for prayers that will undoubtedly be felt. Love y’all.”

Responding to the allegations, Sam wrote , “
Toni Collier is a liar and abuser. It is documented that she has abused me our entire marriage and wants to continue to. I asked Toni not to do this. As well as our team and ‘our’ lawyers. She is not divorcing me, we are divorcing each other,”.

Sam also claimed that he tried to divorce his wife seven times but she begged him to stay and kept abusing him.

He later deleted the post and returned with another post but this time more diplomatic and apoplectic.

The post reads, “I would like to apologize for my earlier comments regarding my divorce, It did not reflect the leader I amor my sincere feelings. I was emotionally overwhelmed and angry at the highest level. These past two months have been extremely exhausting.”

“It is with a heavy heart and a sense of responsibility that I wish to inform you of a difficult and personal decision in my life,” he wrote. “After much prayer, contemplation, and seeking guidance, Toni and I have mutually decided to pursue a divorce. This has undoubtedly been a challenging journey for both of us.”

“Toni is the mother of our children, and I want to emphasize that I will not publicly slander her. It is important to respect the privacy and dignity of all parties involved, especially for the sake of our minor children and extended family,” he went on to write.

Of the accusation that he had been unfaithful to Toni, Sam said, “As a man of God I am blessed to know that the FULL truth will be revealed as we navigate through the legal process. I categorically rebuke any unfair accusations and slanderous commentary made against me.”

Sam went on to add that he believes “the legal system is the appropriate venue for resolving such matters, and I trust that the truth will prevail through that process.”

“I want to make it clear once more that I do not wish for our personal challenges to become a public battle,” he concluded. “It is my sincere hope that, in the best interest of our family, we can find a resolution that allows each of us to move forward positively with our lives-as we’ve both prayed for and deserve.”

Sam and Toni have two beautiful children together, a boy and girl .

Reasons for their divorce posts, Toni accused Sam of infidelity and also said that she has tried to settle and carry on with the marriage but the more she tries , the more infidelity she finds out. Sam on the other hand accused Toni of abusing him though he was not specific and we can’t tell the form of abuse he is talking about .

However, the reason for their divorce as seen from their posts is infidelity and abuse.

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