Sarabesnackin , The Petrol Princess Divorce : Her Husband, Family, Reasons For Divorce 

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Sara Besnakin also known as The Petrol Princes and her Indian husband, Aman and getting a divorce.

Sarah broke the news three  days ago, 17, December 2023 during her Tikto live. During their life, she cried and cried uncontrollably. 

Sarah and Aman got married in 2021. She was 18 then and Aman was 21. While Sarah is a full-time content and influencer working more with beauty brands most especially wig vendors, her husband works at the gas station. 

She turned 23 on February 21 2023 this year and her birthday was highly celebrated with her husband and family and friends in attendance. From the video we saw online, they had a lot to eat and drink and Sarah can be seen dancing and enjoying her life. 

Sharing video from her 23 birthday party, Sarah wrote, “ this is the best day of my life”. Also, in the beginning of the video, she talks about missing her mom and her she wishes her mom at her birthday. This is December, and eight months later, they are getting a divorce. 

Reasons For Their Divorce

Once she started earning a good living off of being a wig influencer, she became the breadwinner and decided to hire maids and focus on her career instead of being the traditional stay-at-home wife. . While on live her husband requested a divorce because he can’t see himself married to a nontraditional woman! . What are your thoughts? 

Here is what we know about abut their marriage and divorce :

1. Not Having Enough Time Together 

Before now , Sara has been complaining about Aman not giving her attention and not spending enough time with her. Parts of her complaint is that Aman spends all all time at his work place and she only spends three hours a day with him as a wife . There was a day Aman was off work and they were supposed to go on a movie date , Aman still invited her co workers for the movie ahead to the venue with her pals at work drive herself to t date that was meant to be a couple time for just the two of them . 

Sarabesnackin didn’t like it and she did a video about it and posted on her TikTok.

Imagine being married for two years and your husband is always at work and barely spend three hours daily with him. This can be frustrating and we can tell this contributed to their divorce.

2. Cultural Differences

Aman is Indian, from a completely different culture while Sara is American. Yes, people marry from different cultures and it works, however, in their case, they probably didn’t even talk about it and there’s obviously no cultural understanding .

Aman claims his reason for divorce is that he can’t marry a financially independent woman, that he prefer a traditional woman who follows his culture.

Rumour also has it that Sara bought a house and only told him after completing payment and this is not its doing in his culture. 

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