Who else knows the latest big thing in the fashion business now? 

If you know him, type it in the comments!

Omo, if you’ve not heard about him, I think you need to, there’s something you need to learn from that guy.

He’s the hottest cake in Abuja right now, this guy charges a million plus for his designs, omo, his market are senators, executive politicians, top entertainers, etc. 

Imagine selling a trad for 1.2m, that’s the calibre of guy I’m talking about.

If you’ve been following some of these skit makers you must have noticed them talking about him or doing an amazing video with him. 

Hmmmm, Folake, are you thinking what I’m thinking? 

A good trad that you can get for 50k, in some quarters less or more, someone is selling that same trad for 1.2m, and guess what?

He has a loooooong queue in his office, he’s selling out like crazy, making massive money for himself, and making his family proud. 

Using this example I gave, let’s examine how you can increase your profits this weekend.

1. Direct Response Advertising:

The guy I told you about advertises well, he uses specific strategies like Influencer Marketing to get the attention of his target market.

He’s not dull with his marketing, he’s not shy of his marketing, he doesn’t joke with his marketing. 

He knows that the day he stops marketing, his sales will stop.

He knows that the day he stops putting words out there for his business, the stream of customers would begin to run out. 

He’s RICH already, but this guy is still advertising like never before.

2. Strategic Distribution:

Do you know why those old school Nollywood actors are more popular than the ones we have now? 

Do you know why some Fintech StartUps are more prosperous than most businesses?

Do you know why pirated books sell more than the original copies?

These people mentioned above have a distribution network! 

They all have a means of getting their products or services to the hands of every man on the street corners.

Folake, how can you get your products to the hands of every man that’s your target market?

Think about it!

3. Increase Your Price:

Folake, you don’t know what you’re missing because you’ve not increased your price.

Price reduction isn’t a business strategy, it’s like hoping on hope to make it in business. 

Nelly, the economy is haaaard, how can I possibly increase my price in this time.

Folake, do not cheat yourself, those that would buy from you would still buy from you.

You need to start charging accordingly! When you do, also ensure you deliver quality services or products.

4. Join The 30 Day Sales 


You know I won’t forget this one! You will miss a lot if you’re not in this sales challenge.

Well, you’ve seen my results, come let me instruct you for 30 days on how to make this money on social media. 

Thank You!!! 

– Nelly Agbogu

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