What You Should Know Before You Join Threads, The New Social Media App By Meta

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Before you sign up on #Threads, Understand what you are signing up for:

The Fediverse is upon us…

Newly launched Threads by Meta is not a rival to Twitter – it is a replacement for Centralized Social media which includes twitter. 

Threads is not another type of twitter – the underlying technologies are entirely different.

Threads by Meta is a FediVerse platform which subscribes to the Mastodon Covenant. 

The Fediverse comes from two words – Federation (inter-connected) and the Universe (Universal ♾️).

The Fediverse is an assembly of multiple servers which share content amongst themselves. This means that your profile on Meta can be shared across multiple federated networks. 

At the root of Threads is an Open Source protocol called ActivityPub. What Facebook has done is to build a new social network on top of a Free and Open Source protocol. This is something FOSS communities frown upon but 90% of today’s internet runs on Linux – another Free and Open Source Software. 

What does all these tell us about the future and our generation?

We are in the Era of Freedom….

We are in the Era of Open Source Tech….

We are in the Era of Decentralization…

Meta is intentional about the Metaverse….

Entering the Fediverse is Zuckerberg’s way to announce his dominance in Futuristic Technologies …

I honestly doubted Transhumanists who believe that the #Singularity will come before 2029 but today, I am more convinced that by 2030, WE WILL ENTER THE SINGULARITY, reach AGI and radically EXTEND human life. These are the major drivers of every emerging innovation you see coming up – it is the Transhumanist agenda. This is also why Transhuman Coin is taken more seriously in Australia than in parts of the world who are still thinking about Crypto charts. 

So before you sign up for Threads because it’s trending, understand that you are helping us achieve the Mastodon Covenant, enter the Metaverse, enforce the Fediverse, advance DeSoc, DeSci, DeFi and the rest of emerging Decentralization concepts. 

Threads is not Twitter’s rival – It is the current Twitter’s Replacement but I have asked Elon Musk if he will join the Mastodon Covenant – he has no choice at this point. 

My name is Charles Awuzie – Co-founder of Transhuman Coin

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