Why Isreal DMW And Wife Sheila Are Trending

Isreal DMW and wife Shiela marriage

You know that saying that “Mechanic no gree make we know who dey craze for Onitsha market. ” That’s my feeling about Sheila and Israel DMW.

Since Odogwu and Aisha started couple pranks, Nigerian couples have learnt that marriage drama is Nigeria’s best content. Nigerians love to read bad news about other people’s marriage, relationships and even friendships.

The truth is that NEGATIVITY sells in Nigeria…. do good, nobody ‘send’ you. But let the headline read – Kel and Charles falls apart… Charles caught in Abuja Hotel with DJ Cuppy….Karma As #Hakimi Critic Charles Awuzie and Wife Divorce In South Africa … These are the kind of headlines that Nigerians like. For 2 weeks, I will trend on twitter. This is what Content Creators are now cashing out on – your lust for NEGATIVITY fuelled by the witchcraft of celebrating other people’s failures to console yourself for your own failures.

I have taken time to study all the accusations by Israel DMW against his wife and honestly – they are just reverse engineering.

Why tell us that Sheila married a Virgin? You are just marketing her brand.

Why tell us that Davido cancelled 140m show and spent 40m to jet in for your wedding? Is this a PR Stunt? If yes, you have my respect.

Tell me one really bad thing that Israel exposed about his wife – nothing except that which he suspected were already in the heads of people. Things like – she used me to become famous, she wants to separate Israel from Davido, she was poor and used Israel to become rich…

Why is it that ALL THE SCREENSHOTS SHARED doesn’t have Dates?… How sure are we that those screenshots were not manipulated to serve the narrative?

Everything Israel said about Sheila turned out to market Sheila’s brand in her strategic response. You said she’s from a poor family, now we know that Adams Oshiomhole is her uncle. You just accused her of the things you believe are the sentiments of the public and strategically used the sentiments to advertise her strong family background, her career and the fact that she’s something before she married you.

Nigeria is a funny society…

People are now rushing to get married so they can create content with their marriage…

Me sef, I wan marry one crazy Naija babe just for content creation – we all must cash out on this craze lol.

Celebrities are now divorced in public but dem dey knack in secret.

I am CHALLENGING ISRAEL DMW to publicly swe@r with his manho00d say he no knack Sheila through out last week. I know nothing will happen to his manho00d because swe@ring with anything Na Superstition. But since it’s the cultural belief, I’m daring him to do so. Until then, this is just another content – probably to promote something big Sheila, Israel or Davido is working on. And if that’s the case, they are succeeding in it but I think it’s unfair to f00l the public just to market a brand.

But if truly they are divorcing and fighting dirty, I wish them both healing.

Written by Charles Awuzie

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